Panic-Free Pricing

A comprehensive course for new calligraphers + letterers who are ready to turn their passion into profit.

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"You NEED to take this course! You will no longer will get that sick feeling in your stomach because you don’t want to say too much or end up charging too little cause you're just unsure! You will learn that there are so many things that you NEVER thought of that you should be adding to the cost of the job!"

- Karen Driscoll

"The detailed, step-by-step ebook is amazing, but what makes Panic-Free Pricing stand out are the videos that make it all easier to grasp. I love the way everything is divided in little pieces, so that I do not panic (which is what I would usually do!)! This is a must have for anyone wanting to use lettering or calligraphy as their way of income."

- Cristina Castro, Cristel Design - Diseño y Lettering

"Panic-Free Pricing is extremely helpful and resourceful. It's a great guide to give you a sense of what your starting prices should be and what factors to consider in your pricing. I always look back at it before giving a quote to a client!"

- Amna Imam, Laughing Letters